RD’s areas of work include:
  • public sector anti-corruption (AC) and corruption risk management,
  • criminal justice sector reforms,
  • strengthening of justice sector higher education (law universities, and continuous education for prosecutors, judges, and attorneys, etc.),
  • justice sector capacity building with emphasis on judicial transparency and independence,
  • digitalization and the use of modern information technologies and artificial intelligence solutions in justice/AC sector and in strengthening transparency and good governance,
  • support and assistance to civil society groups and institutions,
  • support towards a free and independent media.
RD’s current projects in Uzbekistan are funded by Department of State INL and DRL bureaus and focus on:
  • Improving anti-corruption capacity;
  • Modernizing the criminal justice system;
  • Enhancing the capacity of legal professionals;
  • Strengthening educational capacity of legal education institutions;
  • Strengthening the role of the Chamber of Advocates and the role of defense attorneys;
  • The legal community, including law students, expand their engagement in their communities and civil society.