Workshops on Plea Agreements in Fergana, Namangan and Andijan
Workshops on Plea Agreements in Fergana, Namangan and Andijan

The series of training workshops on negotiated plea agreements for prosecutors and criminal defense advocates organized by Regional Dialogue, in partnership with the General Prosecutor’s Office and Chamber of Advocates, and with the support of the US State Department’s INL Bureau grant, continue in Fergana Valley. The training seminars were held in the city of Fergana on June 14, in Namangan on June 15 and Andijan on June 16, engaging the prosecutors and defense attorneys from the entire region. The training was conducted by Guzal Sayfieva, Deputy Chairwoman of Chamber of Advocates, and Dilbar Bedilova, Leading specialist of the Department of International Cooperation, from the Chamber of Advocates and Xurshid Karimov, Head of the department of the Law Enforcement Academy, and Saydullo Azimov, Prosecutor of the Department of Analysis of Law Enforcement Problems of the General Prosecutor’s Office. The participants were able to enhance their knowledge of the law on plea agreements, engage in practical exercises and improve their skills of negotiating the terms of plea agreements.




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